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Path of Life Inc.


President Mr Daniel Hames

Mr Daniel Hames

Vice President (NZ) Mr Trevor Davis

Vice President (NZ)
Mr Trevor Davis

Secretary Mrs Joanna Hames

Mrs Joanna Hames

Treasurer Mrs Andrea Jeanes

Mrs Andrea Jeanes

Primary Program Mrs Sandy Dwyer

Primary Program
Mrs Sandi Dwyer

Committee Member Mrs Linda Harvey

Committee Member
Mrs Linda Harvey

  Mission – inspiring students today to be great leaders tomorrow

Path of Life Inc. is a non profit Incorporation dedicated to training students in ethics, purpose, goals and teamwork, the foundation of life.
Everyone has a unique purpose just like their finger print or gait and the Path of Life program will help create a fun positive environment for students to connect with their leader who will teach and encourage them to step beyond the limitations they are faced with.   Written from a mother’s heart Jo has a heritage rich in core values, the Path of Life program is a positive teaching tool that will help assist chaplains, well being leaders, teachers and student leaders to engage students in a fun way.
The “Path of Life” program  will help students strengthen and develop in all topics covered, be dependable, trustworthy and responsible  by making a positive difference in example, choices, friendships, family and community.Where the student is struggling, they will look forward to meeting every week knowing the class will be fun, accepting and encouraging, while at the same time they will be building trust with their well being leader, mentor, teacher, chaplain or leader that will grow during and after the program for continued guidance and support.It is our vision to see teens:-
It is our vision to see students

• Walk in integrity
• Develop healthy habits
• Develop positive, dependable relationships
• Make informed and positive choices
• Turn negative attitudes into positive
• Be resilient and not give up
• Create and inspire dreams
• Learn how to set goals and action them
• Work together positively
• Pursue higher grades and results


Daniel and Jo have four teenage children and love seeing their purpose being revealed in their lives one step at a time. Passionate about values, purpose and goals they are continually encouraged to see what good choices are doing in their children’s lives.Danny & Jo

Jo was raised in  in New Zealand with her four sisters, one sister being 20 years her junior. Jo moved to Australia with her family in 1986. Dan has three siblings and grew up in the 80’s on a Youth Camp being involved with youth on the Mornington Peninsula, together they have  nearly 20 nieces and nephews.  Dan and Jo invented a toilet aiming target for boys called “Wee Target”. They run a small business helping boys of all ages, with the main focus being toilet training and special needs.  This experience has given both Dan and Jo insight into a variety of issues across the generations in a variety of areas.

It is out of concern and compassion for today’s youth that they have taken time to research and prepare this program “Path of Life”. A positive teaching tool that uses a facilitator to present to young people values, inspire dreams and purpose, show how to set goals, guide and connect them to positive role models in their lives.

As the tools and values are shared, it is anticipated that students will grow and develop in all of these areas, experience greater confidence in who they are, be an example to others and live their lives to their full potential.

There is no passion to be found in playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. Nelson Mandela


          New Zealand 

New Zealand Selwyn and Deborah King

Selwyn and Deborah King

Selwyn and Deborah King live in beautiful Motueka, New Zealand with the four gorgeous children.  They both have a passion and love for their family and  community.  Selwyn is a builder in the Motueka region and Deb’s creative talents are amazing, you’ll often find Deb making a cake and dropping it off to someone needing encouragement.  Together they make a fun team, inspiring the lives of teens and families by positively impacting the local community around them.

Their passion has led them to make a difference in the lives of youth in New Zealand and are currently piloting the Path of Life Program.  If you have any inquiries please contact Path of Life Inc.


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